Reflections on packing

Ah, how I long for those heady days of my youth, when my worldly goods could fit in the back of a pickup truck. Now I have so. much. stuff.

Moving gives one the opportunity to make a fresh start, theoretically.

Was it the famous Zen philosopher Yogi Berra who said the difference between theory and practice was in practice?

In practice, we got rid of some of our burdensome possessions and packed others. Now that we have moved – twice! – we have to make decisions about the rest.

Some of our feline companions are no longer with us. Her Grace, Isadora Gopherbane died May 25th of last year. Gus passed away in June of this year.

And the last of our trio of awesome kitties, our sweet ambassador of goodwill, Brr, has lymphoma, and is not expected to last much longer.

As each of these glorious feline creatures leaves this earthly plane, I carefully pack their remains at least 4 feet down, well below the topsoil, deep in the clay. Their mortal remains are buried with flowers, herbs and topped with a living bush to commemorate their lives and convert their dead bodies to new life.


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