Gus hurts


Near the edge of the galaxy …


… circling a small sun …


… is a world …


… of hurt.

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Aquaponics Build #1: Getting our feet wet

A rectangular object covered with a silver gray tarp. An electrical cord stretches from the pump to a nearby shed.

Our 1st aquaponics build, dressed like an astronaut to protect the plastic from the sun.

Our first aquaponics build is in operation. A few fat-head minnow, some snails, and a pollywog munch algae in the tank.

Water pours into a large fish tank

Very small fish in a big tank.

A pipe leads up from the tank to the grow bed.

The upper compartment, as seen from the outside…

Water pours from a pipe onto a filter.

… and from the inside.

Trays with tiny green plants.

Germinating lettuce, or possibly spinach.

A bell siphon, as seen from the top.

Once the water level rises to its maximum, a bell siphon quickly drains the grow bed.

Water pours into the fish tank.

Water draining from the grow bed into the fish tank.

That’s it!  There are a few things I’ll probably do differently on the next build, but this will do for now.